Sketchbook Series: Art Weavings

The Sketchbook Series are small art weavings that I make on my travels local and abroad. The portable loom I use becomes a tool upon which to explore materiality in both sculptural and 2 dimensional forms. This is the first 9 of the series, woven in Iceland during my residency at The Icelandic Textile Center in November 2016. Using various types of hard and malleable plastics, Icelandic wool, and mixed fibers each sketch weaving is one-of-a-kind. Pictured here simply pinned to my studio wall at the residency, the sketches work well both individually and as a body of work together. They take on a cohesive finished quality as framed pieces.

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Dispatch from Iceland: A Month at The Icelandic Textile Center.

Hand woven runner rug that I made in residence at The Icelandic Textile Center. 

I spent the month of November as an artist-in-residence at The Icelandic Textile Center / Textilsetur Islands in Blönduós Iceland. The residency is housed withinKvennaskólinn, (women’s school) formerly a school for young women that taught cooking, handicrafts, language, math, history and other subjects.Kvennaskólinn was one of four women's colleges in Iceland that prepared women for daily life and was open from 1912 to 1978. Kvennaskólinn was built in 1879, the looms in the current textile studio are original and were used byKvennaskólinn students.

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