Thoughts on making a home

Winter is here. The snow is in fact falling right now while I write this post from inside my small cozy one bedroom apartment in Chicago. As a weaving studio + textile brand that focuses on textiles that warm a home, the thing I am always thinking about is how my work fits into different types of spaces and what, to me, makes a home. In a short few months, I will turn 37 years old. A life-long renter, (my family never owned a home) with a transient sense of home, I have been feeling a deep desire to put down roots and guide Studio Herron into it's next ten years with some foundational stability in a physical sense.

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Sketchbook Series: Art Weavings

The Sketchbook Series are small art weavings that I make on my travels local and abroad. The portable loom I use becomes a tool upon which to explore materiality in both sculptural and 2 dimensional forms. This is the first 9 of the series, woven in Iceland during my residency at The Icelandic Textile Center in November 2016. Using various types of hard and malleable plastics, Icelandic wool, and mixed fibers each sketch weaving is one-of-a-kind. Pictured here simply pinned to my studio wall at the residency, the sketches work well both individually and as a body of work together. They take on a cohesive finished quality as framed pieces.

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