Art and the blanket

Blanket season is here. It's mid September and there has been a slight cool chill early each morning when I'm up walking my dog, Penny. I really love this time of year, the light changes in a slow and dramatic way, especially in the dusk of early morning. Inspired by this movement of light, paired with the cooler air, I think about how to capture and translate it in a painting and in a textile. 

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A look inside. Our process and the culture at Studio Herron.

It's almost officially fall, in fact the official Autumn Equinox, (do you capitalize the seasonal change?) is the day after my best friend Leslie's birthday. The nights are getting slightly cooler-ish and daylight is slowly decreasing one minute at a time each day. As a weaver, this is my favorite time of year; woolen season, second cup of coffee season, snuggle with your dog season, blanket season. 

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