I went to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's undergraduate exhibition last night. Most of the work looked like a bunch 20 year olds threw up on some white walls. Mediocre at best, poor crafstmanship on 80% of the pieces and very shallow, some what underdeveloped concepts.
A few pieces that I thought were decent I decided to share, posted below. Some were very delightful. (Still learning the many functions on my new camera, these images came out a bit dark--better luck next time. )
She's white to me: made out of various sewn together white fabrics.

Jimmy Made a Mountain for himself last Friday. He has always wanted to see himself flying like a mountain, is the title of this piece by Mark Beasley and Isabella Ng. He is a inside a mountain costume holding two paper clouds. When I asked him if I could take his photo, he smiled. I figured that meant yes.

The artist is on the left. She made a gigantic cupcake and these ladies sat inside of it wearing very ill fitting, unattractive undergarments or "lingerie". They weren't really doing anything except sitting in cake. I didn't really get the message but gigant cupcakes do make me pretty happy.

I wish I could have gotten a better photo of this piece by Ashly Ariel Metcalf. Her portfolio had really great site specific installation work. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The work above is a crocheted.

Hoop Dreams by Jake Sheiner, a very funny video of jake's dream of being a Basketball star set inside a dream catcher made out of a basketball hoop. I liked it a lot.

Drawings/embroidery on canvas byKatie Anderson-Smith

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