CYCLONE by Amanda Browder @ Green Lantern

is a solo-exhibition by Amanda Browder, Opens on Friday May 30th with a reception from 7-10 pm at The Green Lantern Gallery.It's the last show of the season and what better way to celebrate the dowdy onset of summer than with a soft sculpture installation by Our Heroin Amanda Browder? "CYCLONE" devles into subconscious spaces,exposing interior landscapes that motivate on the one hand, while on the other remain dreamy and untenable. In this installation, that fluid under-the-iceberg space is brought forth, into the light,functioning as a funnel into alternate states of consciousness.Constructed with plush fabrics, bright colors and stuffing--this piece explodes and spins into the world, externalizing those interior pastures with a violent and playful confidence. With careful attention to materials and found objects, Browder presents one possible map,that, in her vocabulary of form, "points towards collective aspects of the human subconscious."--