The McKibben Lofts

This photo essay in the NY Times is a beautiful documentation of the struggle of the modern artist and their community. It made me feel so morose by the time I got to photo 13. Maybe its the combonation of the death of Robert Rauschenberg and the fact settling in that fine art really is dead. That art has had to crawl underground into a little village where only its occupants know what it is. That its no longer the vibrant community out in the open like it was in Rauschenberg's time. Like the essay stated, McKibben represents, on a smaller scale, a ghost of what Greenwhich Village was 60 years ago or SoHo 30 years ago. And although I fully embrace the low brow art scene that has replaced modern art, i still mourn its slow descention into death. As painting is replaced by illustration for ads and magazines I force myself to re-adapt to a new millenium, and new mediums just when i started to fully digest history and the work of my predecessor's. The McKibben loft, and the Death of Rauschenberg has had me in a silent circuitous dizzy spell, pondering my own place among the world of art both high and low.