I'm still trying ot figure out exactly how to photograph my embroideries. Either they come out too dark or too light and washed out. Light is hard thing to master. So these two below are dark, but hopfeully soon I will find the right balance.

I am working on several new embroideries right now and hope to put them up as soon as they are done. Lately I have been trying to find the right venue to show/sell them. They fall into a limbo category where they are not like a painting and they are not super crafty. The fine line between high art and craft is very thin. This makes it hard to figure out where they fit in the world of art. So far I have tried selling them in stores, that isn't working out so well, and showing them in galleries which is what I like the most but a sale is far and few between. And so the dilemma of the artist. I plan to keep working hard and figuring out where they fit--by the way I am super open to feedback or criticism of any kind so please leave a comment or shoot an email.

(I'm really, really into kites right now.)