The Gift Shop Project Space/Gescheidle Gallery

Tonight I went to an opening at The Gift Shop Project Space/Gescheidle Gallery. It is their last opening ever as their building has been sold and the two galleries have decided to close their doors. The show is up until June 30th and features the work of Geoff Grace (Baltimore), Patrick Welch (Chicago), Erling Sjovold (Virginia), and a collaboration between Welch and Sjovold under the name Grave Dubz & Smoov Brainz. Welch has shown with Gescheidle for a number of years and his paintings are small, intricate acrylic treasures. I thoroughly enjoyed viewing the collaboration between the two artists and long time friends. The Dubz/Brainz pieces, no larger than an index card, encompass many themes such as science fiction, politics, space, travel, and time. I find that I am always very attracted to small work, drawn to the tiny, tedious details. What I enjoy most about this collaboration is that their styles are vastly different, each artist has a unique approach to color, when combined the work is beautifully, visually cohesive, playful and smart. Sjovold's palette softens the composition while Welch's punchy style hooks and grabs you immediately with alluring intensity.

Grave Dubz & Smoov Brainz