Missed Connection

I was thinking in addition to the myspace profile embroideries I am currently working on, that maybe I might also embroider some 'missed connections'. I think it is a funny idea and really adds another element to this whole project. I'm interested in commenting on how we use the internet as a life aid. I still remember a time before cell phones, now I feel like I can't function without email. When you really think about it though, with myspace, facebook, flickr, aim, online dating forums, text messages, making a real life connection or even encounter has changed because of the way we use technology now. I too am a fan of facebook, text messaging, google everything and all those other tools in the interwebular world, however I must confess that I still prefer hand written letters sent by the USPS, I still make a phone call when I want to make plans and I still love photoalbums even more than flickr. Call me old fashioned. I hope to have some new embroideries of this nature to show soon.
Herron ClothierComment