Sometimes before I go to sleep I sit up in my bed and draw random things. It always puts me to sleep. Lately getting back into my own work, I have been embracing randomness. As with the new drawings above, there are images all connected by no real cohesive idea just small studies, individual inside one whole. I think its a good way for me to get my brain back into working condition. Haitus is hard.


For the last two years now I have been working on a business plan to start a gallery here in Chicago. I am pleased to introduce Simple Gallery! Getting ready to look for space and incorporate, planning a benefit and art auction in addition to my day job and personal studio practice. So many things come up when starting a business, I am learning so much everyday. The plan is to provide an artist in residence space on a rotating basis to a selected artist as well as monthly programming such as artist lecture series and open critique nights for artists in the community. When there is a website and more has evolved I will be sure to dedicate a post...
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