A collage on strathmore and more sketchbook pages

The image above is a collage I made today out of origami paper. I am really interested in pattern within patterns and I think quilts are a great example of that. I am very interested in creating conceptual patterns and I think it is something that can take a lot of different directions both commercially and in fine arts. By conceptual patterns I mean recording a pattern of actual life action and turning it into a visual repeat. For example: wake-up, brush teeth, go to work, come home, sleep. Take an actual life pattern and create a visual representation of each, then compiling it into one design and repeating it. Like wall paper or a textile design. Maija Louekari's work is a really fantastic example of this. Another pattern idea I have and think about making is the patterns of the way people move in the elevator as people get off. In the morning while I am riding up to my floor at work I like to imagine a pattern of lines based on the way people move around the elevator as people get on and off on each floor. It always sort of turns out to look like a giant scribble with no real rhythm to it. Might make an interesting embroidery project.
More sketchbook pages. I did two of the three pages below over the summer but added a few small details today.

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