Dear everyone,

Very softly introducing Simple Gallery!!! Taaa-daaa!
A tiny back story. For the last three years I have been trying (which means talking and talking, researching, gathering, developing ideas but not actually doing) to open an exhibition and interactive artist studio space in Chicago. It's hard work! And it takes a lot of time. Well the time is has arrived, or rather is arriving. I'm finally actualizing this dream instead of talking about it. First of all let me explain; In short, Simple Gallery is an exhibition space for emerging and mid-career artists. Striving to show diverse and experimental work and provide a platform for artist discourse. Additionally I plan to provide an artist-in-residence space and a range of rich, cultural and communtiy programming housed within the gallery; such as artist lecture series, screenings, open critique nights for artists in the community, classes/workshops and a small shop of artist made goods, products and supplies.

Soon I'll post the website information, It will be a coming soon page with some information until the real page is up and in full swing. In the meantime I hope your getting pumped! I am! I would be delighted to hear your comments and suggestions too. I'm planning three benefit's for 2009. More on all that soon.
Thanks for reading!! And a HUGE thanks to all my friends who are volunteering their services, support, enthusiasm and ideas. You guys RULE and I appreciate it all SO much, from the bottom of my heart!

Herron ClothierComment