"I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling"...

...that line is in a Rick Astley song entitled "never gonna give you up". I think it will be the title and theme to the next show I curate.

Today was one of those days for me where the unexpected happened leaving me a little confused and a little pensive. There is something sort of beautiful and real about being caught off gaurd. And so I crawled into my studio and made some art to make sense of it all.

This drawing also came out of a dream I tend to have quite often...

...In the dream I always find myself in public places doing things I do in my real life; going to see art, shows, parties, visits with friends...Every time there is this young man in the dream who's face I cannot see, it's always somewhat blurred or blocked by something, though he see's mine which is always in full view. I am always stopped dead in my tracks when I notice him and we both try to get to each other but there is always an obstruction and we never actually meet. Kind of sickly romantic eh?

Then I attempted to embroider it but it doesn't seem to have the same immediate quality as the drawing and I like the drawing much better.

Then I thought about Tracey Emin's fiber/installation work and revisited images of her provocative, controversial work like the piece below entitled: 'Everyone I have ever slept with' I love gutsy, risk takers in art! Really fires me up!
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