The Spoon River Anthology

A friend who works at my favorite neighborhood book shop recommended to me that I re-read Edgar Lee Master's The Spoon River Anthology.
I've been slowly working on an animation which is slowly becoming a puppet show play instead of an animation and some of the characters and scenes have been inspired by Spoon River. I think it would make a really interesting animation but I began the project on a very large scale, with large cut-out drawings of buildings, moving scroll scenes and pop-up book style sub scenes. I hope to finish it this year though i have my hands in so many pots who knows!

The hardest challenge for me is creating deadlines because I work on many projects at once. Some of them sit for months until I am ready to revisit. (One of)My '09 goal's is to be more consistant with deadlines. That maybe not having my hands in so pots at once, focusing on one project at a time. Maybe it wont take me a year to finish one piece that way! Ha!
Herron ClothierComment