thoughts on movement

The other day I had lunch with a friend from work and one of the subjects that came up was "How do I do my art all the time?" and a sub-subject of "where is art going and why aren't there art movements anymore?" I've been thinking about these two things over the last few days and something I read today really helped me form some answers. While on the el train home tonight I read an interview of Photography Collective Hamburger Eyes' co-founder Dave Potes. One of the questions asked to Potes was During the start of Hamburger Eyes, were you aware of similar photo movements in the past? To which Potes basically answers, (and I paraphrase) yes we aren't doing anything new we are just reviving the old, a continuation. Something just sort of clicked in my brain at that sentence. There are art movements happening now, right now at this very second! They aren't necessarily post abstract expressionism, or like the dadaists, the assemblagists or even an alliance like that of Rauschenberg and Johns, and a gallery certainly doesn't take care of it's artists the way Leo Castelli did. It can't be the same, it can only be how it is now. Aren't we, the artisits, makers, designers and do-ers kind of doing that, reviving, continuing these pasts ourselves? That is our movement, taking the old, the past, updating it to fit today. To fit us; today's makers, artists, designers and do-ers. Making it ours. We are starting collectives and providing a platform for discourse because we crave it, we need it, we want it. We are starting artist run galleries, non-profits and focusing on community building, discussion, ideas and managing them without commercial representation. (i.e Space 1026 in Philly, Three Walls in Chicago, No Coast in Chicago, Kunst and Complex in Rotterdam...) Underrepresented? In this movement, the artist represents themself. We are selling our artwork on the internt, (who needs a gallery these days?) creating online forums, communities and design alliances. I think this is our modern day art movement. Using techonology as a tool and the rate of change in our society to our advantage and DIY managing our life as artists. I think you can do your art all the time, but it is about finding balance. Some artists balance their personal art with commercial art (Warhol, Rosenquist, Lichtenstein all did) and so maybe we too, Like Hamburger Eyes, aren't doing anything new just reviving the past, updating it.
Herron ClothierComment