New paintings

Well it took me longer than I thought to get these up. These are not the best photograph documentations of my new pieces, it's hard to get them perfect without good lighting. However, I feel so good about them--haven't truly liked one of my pieces in a while and these just came very natirually and intuitively. I have been enjoying the process of making them. Each piece is gouache, colored pencil and graphite on paper. For a while now I have been obsessed with following lines. The history of a line. I've found that the most interesting place to see just that is on the side walk. I was photographing the patterns of cracks in the sidewalk and then drawing them, which evolved into these paintings below. A begining of sidewalk cracks becoming something else completely. The have no hidden meaning, or any meaning at all really. They are simple just intuitive marks on the paper and simply nothing more. Yet they have given me more pleasure than any other work I have ever made.
I hope you enjoy them.