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Reborn By Susan Sontag
On our way from S.F to Blue Lake back in March, my good friend Whitney picked up the recently published first volume of Susan Sontag's Journals.

After reading Against Interpretaion a few years ago I came to fully despise Susan Sontag's pretentious crtitques (of Camus and Sartre et al...) And swiftly threw her out the window completely as an author and intellectual whos ideas I found annoying and snobby.

Then, I read a few of her journal entries in Reborn, and just recently decided to purchase the book and read it all the way through. I'm only half finished and have softened my opinion of her and her writings as purely for what criticism is; glorified opinions of art and culture.
In this NYTimes review
it is noted that SS's "pretension, in other words, was protective." I'd have to agree with that. Witht hat in mind, maybe I'll re-read Against Interpretation.
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