Don't ask me to alter your clothes for you because chances are most likely that I will mess it up permanently. Lately I have been wondering to myself how I landed the job as the head stitcher at The Joffrey Ballet when clearly there are much more qualified people out there to do my job than I; a self taught seamstress with no previous experience in fashion or costuming other than my own meager home concoctions and alterations. As I come to realize I am the wrong girl for the job, as I am very much the wrong girl for every job I have ever held, the answer takes shape where it has always been: something I already know but am afraid of trying and right there in the frontal lobe of my brain hiding under a mound of anxiety and cowardice.

7am in the morning I walk my dog and come in to sip my coffee and check my emails from the day before. I recieve an email from my lovely friend in Berlin who moved there last year so that she could try to be a full time painter/artist. As I read her update on life in Berlin and the progress of her time in the studio I thought to myself; this is what I have wanted to do since I was 5 years old, why am I not doing it and why am I instead doing something I am not good at?

Enter excuse here:____

9am I arrive at work and begin a sewing project for the Joffrey props and carpentry department. My mind is not on the sewing project but on the question above. The rest of my day is spent in my head whirling around in the vast sea of ideas I will strike upon and then later toss back out to sea.

Simple Gallery has been something I have talked about doing for years. What I know is I am good at bringing people together, I am good at curating, helping fellow artists, and most of all I'm the best at working in my studio on my own work. I love each of these things the same and none less than the other. I know my business and organizational skills are like a clown act in a circus and so I am daunted by my own idea to start a gallery.

And so the latest version of Simple Gallery has evolved or as David and I would say, vulcanized. I realize what sacrifices I will have to make in order to start or maybe it's continue what I have already started ---and I'm willing. After talking to David about my day in idea land, I am thinking of renting a large studio space that could house my studio and the studios of three other artists and together we might form a collective. Each month we'll have an open house showcasing our work or curate a gallery show of other artists works. All the while still working on forming Simple Gallery as a separate entity that would offspring from the general collective. . .

My mind is rife with ideas, percolating faster than even I can keep up with. And yet I reach out to my friends who have feet firmly planted on the ground to pull me back into reality and hip check me on how I will make this happen.

And now for a picture of my dog, whom is presently sitting by my feet wagging her tail crazily and waiting for me to play with her.
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