The paintings below are some of my favorites by painters I admire the most.

Joan Mitchell.
I could stare at this painting for hours. I love Joan Mitchell's paitnings. The dynamic energy and color in her early paintings are brilliant. Her landscapes evoke a tumult of emotion from docile to chaotic and even violent. The Mitchell piece below is one of my faves! I believe this piece may be in the new Modern Wing at The Art Institute of Chicago, though I'm not sure. (Mitchell was orignally from Chicago!!)

Joan Mitchell

Cecily Brown is a contemporary painter living in NYC. This piece below is my favorite of her works. I love the painterly quality of her work which is something I miss seeing and find it very refreshing in Brown's paintings. The sexual undertones become amplified by her painterly style and color choices, many of which look and feel like flesh. I have yet to see any of her work in person and I hope someday to have the chance to which I will savor every moment.

Richard Diebenkorn, (I especially enjoy his Ocean Park series and the Berkeley paintings.)

When I look at this piece by Marlene Dumas I find it consuming, haunting and eerie. I love her work for it's ghostly and bizarre qualities. Her painting style is very opaque and flat which I am keenly attracted too. I just find her paintigs so interesting, I can't peel my eyes away.

David loves Peter Doig's paintings and I have to say I do too. I was not familiar with his work before and enjoy listening to David's opinions of his work. Doig also has a painting on permanent exhibit in the new Modern Wing at AIC.