Tight times

This morning there was a great article on the NYTimes.com about how the recession is effecting artists. You can read it here
This is something that has been on my mind as well. I observe where the art world is going, traditional gallery/artist relationships breaking down. With the recession no one can afford to buy art. I see artists taking control of their own market and doing what they do best, making it work.
My goal has been to become an artist-run-gallery-space, with my project Simple Gallery. I have even looked and found space that works for some of my ideas. Though I too am not ready to make the leap. (There are many more steps that need to happen first and skipping steps ='s disaster.) That said, I believe there is much longer progression to get where one wants to be. (It's the journey not the destination that makes things worth while!!)
I realize I was trying to take on more than what was in my capacity to do.
So for now I will continue to curate, continue to foster and support great emerging artists in ways that are within my means meanwhile continuing my work own art work.
There must always be balance.

That said, today I am moving into my first work studio separate from my apartment!!
More soon...