Landscape Topographies

Some selected paintings I have been working on from a series I'm calling topographies. These paintings are topographical landscape paintings of my places or rather, poetic maps of places in my life. The places (the maps) are abstractly represented through color. The color choices and placement are deliberate though intuitive, sensitive marks on paper, subtle in some areas and bold in others to draw attention to a particular area on the map.

Neighborhood map, gouache on paper

San Fransisco, gouache on paper


elk grove, gouache on paper

Logan & Kedzie, gouache on paper
(note: colors appear brighter in the photos than in actual pieces, they are a bit washier and subdued than depicted above, also the camera doesn't pick up the dynamic brush strokes)

My friend Michelle came to my studio yesterday for a visit. She is a photographer so naturally she brought her camera and snapped a few photos of me in my studio. You can see them and more on her blog unfocused photography