Red Wing Black Bird Attack!

The other day I was riding to the studio with David East on Grand Avenue right by Smith Park. On this particular day I decided not to wear my helmet for a change, it was hot and I wanted to feel the wind through my super short hair. Riding along peacefully, thoughts meandering, suddenly something is grabbing and pecking at my head! I scream!! Duck my head down--is all I can do, I have no idea what is happening! David turns around to see a bird attacking my head. I pull up to him and startled beyond belief, start to cry (that morning i found out I may not have a job, talk about a bad day!) A man from across the street jogs over to us and says "I saw the whole thing! Not even 15 minutes ago that same bird attacked a little boy and knocked him right off of his bike!" David said it was most likely a red winged black bird, a territorial bird that is known to attack humans that come anywhere near them or their nests. Read more on this viscious bird that inspired Alfred Hitchcock's movie The Birds here