These paintings are gouache on paper. I have entitled this body of work Topographies because they are topographical maps of places remembered. Of course they are not literal maps, I choose to represent certain parts of these places abstractly through color. Here is just a small sampling of what I have been working on;

The Pool


Ukranian Village


Lake Mish

Logan & Kedzie

This is my cat Jackson lounging in my closet, the life of a house cat is so sweet.

My other cat Audrey, meanwhile has had a hard night of sleeping soundly and comfortably and is curing it by more relaxation.

My studio walls are filled up with the topography paintings (I am running out of room!). It's been a very natural process to make them, some kind of weight was lifted when I stopped "trying" so hard. The plan I have been formulating all along has been to have them photo'd and framed at the end of this glorious summer, warm, weather and send out submissions to galleries. I keep asking myself, is a gallery the way to go with these? Is a gallery still a platform to show art? The idea of the gallery, to me, feels like it's shifting and changing, something new is emerging, though it always ebbs and flows and artists adapt. I think about how my work will be received and I wonder more about the ebb and flow?
At present, and in my own personal opinion, my paintings are the most mature work I have made in my career to date. They are honest and nothing more simply than exactly what they are. There is no hidden meaning in the colors or the composition. They just are.

If anyone in Chicago is interested in doing a studio visit with me, I love them and would welcome the company. Please feel free to drop in or drop a line this summer!