Recent paintings

The paintings I have been working on over the past few summer months are essentially maps of places I have lived or visited. These paintings are abstract representations of the mapped places through color and the colors are essentially the way I felt or perceived the place at the time. For instance grey could equal confusion, green could equal moments of clarity, yellow could equal light and easy, reds, fuschia's and magenta's almost always represent myself because it is a color I have favored and been drawn to almost my whole life.

The Pool

I painted the pool after a day spent riding bikes and swimming at a city pool with one of my best lady friends and my boyfriend. We rode through my neighborhood to the pool. The day was lovely and sweet. The colors are emotive reactions to my surroundings and my home. In this painting I am represented by pink, Elizabeth green and David orange (the colors of our swim suits)


In December 2008 my Father had knee replacement surgery and I flew to his home in Pennsylvania for a few days to help him transition from being in the hospital to home. One of the markings (to the bottom left) is my father;s home followed by a greyish path to the hospital that is a few shades of blue and then on again to the next hospital where he did physical therapy (the mark in red and orange.)

Ukranian Village

Ukranin Village is a neighborhood in Chicago where I lived in several (ok 3) apartments during my mid twenties.

San Fransisco

I visited San Fransisco for the first time this year with my other best lady friend Elizabeth. We were on our way to Northern California to see Elizabeth. I was taken by the city's vibrancy and colors. I found it amazing the way the fog rolls in in the morning and then lifts by noon to a sun-lit, blue sky. Kind of how I generally feel from morning to noon.


Greenpointe was a neighborhood I lived in when I spontaneously moved to Brooklyn for a short time. At this juncture I was at a turning point in my art and in my life and wanted to take a risk and find a new direction. I'd thought NYC would be the place for me. It turns out it wasn't.

Logan and Kedzie

Presently a great deal of my life takes place near this intersection.

Neighborhood Map

A map of the neighborhood I live.

The Loop

The Lopp is Chicago's downtown and up until recently I worked there and frequented the art institute and the theater often.

Elk Grove

A map of my street.

Blue Lake

In the Spring I spent some time in Blue Lake California with Elizabeth and WHitney, my best good pals. It's a small town surrounded by ocean, forest, redwood tree's and waterfalls. Elizabeth is in a masters program in theater there. This is a map of some significant places in the town.

Palmer Square Reconstruction
(work in Progress)

Palmer Square is a little spot in Logan square that I have adored since the beginning of time. I have always wanted to live right off this cute little park and over the last 3 years it has been under construction and is now finally open again. This piece I am struggling with and it has many layers of paint under the green. Like the park itself, Someday it will be finished.

A look inside my studio

Gouache tubes, the medium I use to make these paintings.

Me and Elizabeth having fun on the weekend

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