Hello out there!

Dee here,
I have decided to revisit me ye olde blogger blog.
You can see what I have been working on with my new site, which is an online arts magazine, thepapercrane.com

I plan to keep this old blog as well for more personal musings, makings, findings and suchy such.
Posts galore starting early Jan. 2010.

Check back.


So here is a little nugget of past and little future mint:
*Listening to The Zombies right now and 5 seconds ago.
*Been working 80 hours a week for the past three months in the costume department at Cirque Du Soleil in Chicago (done Jan 5, 2010~ woohoo!)
*Have read a lot of books this fall. Liked The Handmaids Tale most of all and wished for it not to end. The actual ending was a cliffhanger.
*Made many new friends
*Had a beautiful holiday.

*Have much time off coming up soon. Will be heading back into my painting studio, as well as doing some little travels near and far, and taking some time to learn ceramics (again).
*My sweetheart has taken up sewing. He is a better seamster than I. We are falling in love with fabric, needle and thread and plan to sew some things together in 2010. The other morning he said, " I dreamed that I was half asleep and half awake and I was sewing the two together." Lovely.
*Practicing mindfulness every moment and patience.

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