Decisions, Decisions. Any advice?

Thinking about moving my studio. I have not made a decision yet but there is a sweet little space in the artist building a friend of mine works in. The difference between the new space and my old:

New Space

* Is a private space that I would have all to myself
* Is a 5 minute walk form my home
* is across from Humboldt park
* Has good heat in the winter
* pretty cheap rent with $300/mo
* I know some of the artists working int he building
* Can have gallery shows and open studio visits in my space
* Did I mention it is a 5 minute walk from my front door?
* I can bring my dog there
* I would have four walls

My Current Space

* I have to take tow buses to get there
* It is not a private space, I work in a cooperative artist building.
My studio is a sectioned off space on a floor of other spaces. I share it with
a studio mate. I have two walls, but anyone can walk into my space at anytime.
* It is a good size for me but i ma starting to run out of room
* I can bring my dog
* It is really cheap $150/month
* Because everyone's space is sectioned out by drywall you can hear other people
all the time. It can be distracting.

I don't know. Should I make the switch? I am still giving it some thought. The conveniences make it very worth the change.
Herron ClothierComment