my painted maps as embroideries

I have been experimenting with embroidering my paintings. As in, reproducing them as embroideries, not stitching on the actual paintings. I want to see how it would translate to have the same image in a different medium. (keep in mind that I used my lap top to snap these photos. Shoulda' used my camera--tomorrow I must remember to bring it!) It might be hard to see the difference in these crappy photos. Certainly, they feel much different as paintings. As embroideries the images are not as soft and floaty like in the painted piece. Each stitch can be seen and gives texture, changing it completely. They immediately become crafty to me. Do they work? Could they work in a similar way to a painting? I am not sure yet. Gonna have at it some more and see what happens. i promise better photos of this process to come.

Also i couldn't resist a picture of my dog, she has been chewing this bone while I work. And I threw one of myself in too, for funnies.

Herron ClothierComment