The Life & Times of Bernard Suarez

I made these little drawings years ago as preliminary sketches for a much larger project. Bernardo Soares is a character in a novel called 'The Book Of Disquietude' by Fernando Pessoa. While reading this book I got the idea to develop some of the minor characters and make small drawings based on their lives. Soares is the main character and the book is narrated by him as though, you the reader, were sitting inside his read listening to his thoughts like a radio program. It has been speculated that Soares is a fictional character based on Pessoa himself. I am working on some other drawings and story lines loosley based on the book, turning them into tiny embroideries that will be the finished pieces. (Taking a little break from painting.)

The story shall begin--
And From the Majestic height of all dreams, an assistant bookkeeper in the city of Lisbon: Bernard Suarez.
The Characters:
I changed the spelling of his name to Bernard Suarez. 





The image above is the beginning of the embroideries...

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