The work above is what I have been doing in the studio lately. The images I posted above are now finished paintings. (Hooray!!)
I never really know what I have painted until the piece is finished. I am interested in painting landscapes and abstracting them. My paintings are essentially emotional responses to the world I observe. I find inspiration from everything, a piece of trash on the street, the way the tree's have grown in around the lagoon in the park by my house, how the cracks in the sidewalk meander from weather and weight and time. I believe that there is poetry in the mundane and I try to to show the beauty of the everyday in my paintings. Right now, I am using gouache and melted crayon, colored pencil and graphite on paper. I am particularly interested in how these materials work together to achieve what I want to show. Sometimes after I have painted something I will re create it as an embroidery to see how the image will change when made with a different kind of material all together. This is mostly something I do as a study and for fun. Atmospheric perspective is something that I think about a great deal while I am working on these pieces, and the relationship between marks on the page. I use very large sheets of heavy water color paper. I use the negative space of my paper very particularly, it is what I see first while I am painting. I'm very deliberate about how I place my forms, the cleanness in the negative space gives an exaggeration to the weight of my lines and the saturation of color. I like pushing these boundaries, things do not always work, sometimes I have to scrap a whole painting and try again. But I learn a lot from this, I'm kind of always re learning how to paint and I have figured out a lot about how I work and when I'm over working a piece.
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