Dreamy Sigh. Hi all, my mind is in the clouds today. I am thinking about houses. Something I think about all the time actually. Houses are the place that hold your life, your personal history. I like to day dream about the house I will raise my future family in. David and I both agree that we are both attracted to houses that have what we call Janky charm, meaning houses that are nice but show the wear of their history.

This house below, I love.  It has janky charm and looks like it was built by lots of hands.  If I lived there, I'd have a giant vegetable garden in the yard many more tree's around it and chickens!
 (Above) If this we're my patio I'd build lots of beds to grow vegetables and have tons of potted flowers, herbs and hops for beer brewing. 

Interiors that I like.

Janky Charm to the max!

I am particularly keen on White walls instead of colored walls. I think it brings out the beauty in the art and objects in the house. I like to have objects in my house that are old or of sentimental value. I like old furniture and art by my friends, antiques and thrift store bits and bobs. I love patterns, textiles old and new. I'm fond of miss matched dishes and tea cups, I don't like things in sets, like dishes or forks. 
I like my home to get lots of sunlight. I am like a houseplant. I grow toward the light.

(below) My house kinda looks like this a little. I love old quilts. I'd like ot collect them

(below) This is a great spot to blog. Ha,ha,ha!!!

I love little collections and clusters of art in my house.

*I found most of these images on design sponge and apartment therapy.
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