I had a studio opening, featuring some new paintings...

Last Sunday, I opened up my studio to the public as part of a building wide art walk. I have a body of paintings in progress and showed 4 of the new ones. 

I felt really great about the work I showed and did get some really great responses to it. I must admit, I had really hoped that a sale might have come about from it or one of the galleries I had invited might stop in to see my paintings. As a result none of the above happened and I can't help but feel a little dejected. It's really hard to get your work noticed. I must be going about it the wrong way. Not to mention the hard work trying to be a full time artist. I took the plunge and am trying to do this full time. Many of my friends are doing it, I know I can too. But my pocket book and my spirits are getting low and so far, I feel like I am not really getting anywhere. (Sigh) Gonna enjoy some sun today to lift my spirits.
Herron Clothier1 Comment