Something magical is about to happen...

Here I am in the studio today. I have been gessoing and sanding and gessoing and sanding...these two beautiful 24" x 24" boards I found laying around. They are kind of like masonite but not. I'm not certain what kind of board it is but it's beautiful. Today something magical will begin because the boards are both finally ready to work on. 

Ohhhkaaay. I confess: I didn't really find the boards. They had been leaning against a pile if drywall in my studio building's freight elevator for months, unused and unclaimed. I kind of just took them. I think it came from a vacated studio whose occupant left a bunch of stuff behind.  And furthermore since my dwindling, unemployed bank account is kind of not able to purchase canvas at this very moment in time, I just kind of figured it was up for grabs since it had been there so long. So I guess it's most likely okay. Just thought I would confess my thievery.  :)
Herron ClothierComment