News of the upcoming

Hi everyone,
Here are some things that I am involved in coming up.

First, I am writing a new article for NEW HEROES MAGAZINE, also will be contributing a limited addition art piece inserted in the Mag's summer issue. Coming out later this summer. TBA.

Nextly, I'm involved in a collaborative project with Spudnik Press and with Homeroom Chicago called 10x10. The project pairs ten artists with ten bands to produce a print and music compilation. I am teamed up with the Chicago band Locks. 275 editions will be distributed and the project will be complete in December of 2010.

Lastly, there will be a show this month at my studio. Three painters: moi, Heather Chontos and Leslie Carslon will exhibit new pieces. Date TBA this week.

More stuff soon...
Herron ClothierComment