An old new quilt

Not long ago my house caught on fire. There were flames and smoke and the fire department came. My upstairs neighbor's kitchen is destroyed and now they are getting a brand new kitchen. A quilt that I have had all of my adult life that was my Mother's was burned in the fire, so I am making a new one. I have a quilt top that is very old and very worn through and thread bare. I am in the midst of deconstructing it and salvaging the the squares that are still in good shape. I'm making new squares to add and make a brand new quilt. I think it's gonna take me a long time, but I like the slowness and the tiny stitiching. I can't wait to get to the quilting part because I enjoy hand sewing the most.

 A new square net yet stitched together

Also, today I made a skirt.
Herron ClothierComment