Almost a dress, almost a sweater

A dress I have been making willy-nilly without a pattern. I still have to sew the bodice to the skirt, and hem the bottom. A nice summer shift even though it's almost fall.

I started knitting this sweater about 3 years ago. I made the back side and then forgot about it. I have the front side 3/4 finished, then have to knit up the sleeves and stitch it all together. I tend not to use patterns when I knit and sew. Now that I have picked it back up and because I am kind of making it up as I go, it is taking me a bit longer to finish. It's going to be a v-neck and I am teaching myself how to make the V as I knit.
I think it will finally be ready to wear this winter.
Knitting and sewing is a nice break from painting, keeps my hands busy and I like that the finished product has a utilitarian purpose.

Herron ClothierComment