what i've been up to...

-Started a new giant painting (pictures soon)
-Listening to Black Mountain, New Yorker fiction podcast, Vivan Girls, Nick Drake, Phillip Glass and RadioLab Podcast
-Working on a poster for the 10 x 10 show.
-Working on another poster with Delicious Design League for New Heroes Magazine
-Writing a new interview with this guy for TPC just finished one with this other guy
-Planning a giant installation/party for the one year anniversary of TPC
-Moving my studio down the hall
-Making a piece of art for a lovely girl in Washington, DC
-Penny finally got a real bath today in the tub
-Made polenta pizza with fig-pear-walnut filling and parmesan-mozzarella-sauteed swiss chard and sweet onion on top for Mike, Anna, little Henry, Sarah N and Theo K.
-Have to finish reading Evil Demon of Images  this week, it's due back at the libarry.
-Planning a trip to the blue ridge mtns for my dear friend Katy's bday. 
-Hoping to make some new drawings this week and think about book ideas.
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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