A few photos from The Paper Crane's one year anniversary

Last Sunday marked the one year anniversary of The Paper Crane (WOW! one year already!) I put together a small exhibition of work by Leslie Carlson and Sarah Nesbit and my contribution was the installation you see below.

The idea was to write a wish on a strip of paper and tie it to the tree and then take a paper crane from the floor. Please click here for more photos and some published wishes

Some good friends

 I had a lot of help folding all of these paper cranes. A big thanks to Marisa Levans, Trent Reusnow, Josh Dumas, Bill Tanner, Whitney Johnson, Elisse La Roche, Graham Calcagni, Janet Luebbers, James from Utah, Dashiell & Tucker Hamaleinen, and Gretchen Gain.

Additional thanks to everyone who came out to see the show and support the crane. Thanks for reading and sticking by us!
Herron ClothierComment