10 x 10

I was invited to participate in this wonderful collaborative project called 10 X 10 with Spudnik Press and Homeroom. Ten Chicago artists were invited to participate and to choose their favorite Chicago musical artists/bands to make a poster for.  Each band recorded an original song for a compilation and each artist designed a 10" x 10", 3-color print poster inspired by the song they commissioned. The final package for this project will feature a suite of ten fine art prints and a ten song compilation of exclusive tracks. Here are my posters drying on the rack. My band is Locks
The bands will be performing in January at The Whistler in Chicago and there will be a separate show for the posters. This was my first time ever screen printing. I had a lot of fun coming up with a design based on the song Locks sent me. Thanks so much to Colin Palombi and Angee Lennard for teaching me how to screen print and to Patrick Scott and Theo Katsaunis for writing such an awesome song!

Earlier last week:

My Kitty Jackson was hospitalized last week and had to wear a cone and a catheter for several days.

Audrey and Penny say hi to him. He had to be kept in a separate room while he healed.

All Better and snuggling with his lady, Penny.

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