Thoughts on How?

I know I keep posting about Alabama Chanin, but I follow her blog and I am always flush with astonishment when she posts images of the beautiful work they do. Each garment is hand stitched and hand pieced. Not a single machine is used. It takes weeks for a single garment to be made. What I find so amazing is that in a consumer driven culture where our public seeks bargain and value, Natalie Chanin has been able to grow her company on the principle of slow design and the integrity of a one of a kind piece. I often think that even though someone may really love a hand made beautifully tailored dress they may not love the price tag. How does she do it? And how can more designers and craftspeople emulate this business model?

Also, here is a great little article on the history of home sewing via Etsy

Herron ClothierComment