New weaving + new yarn + organized space.

Cleaned and re-organized my studio today.

Got a new shipment of yarns in today for weaving and knitting. (YAY!)

This is not the most exciting weaving I have ever made. Our cat decided to use a little rag rug we had as her personal litterbox. After several attempts to clean it and get rid of the scent, she kept marking it and I had to throw it away. I decided to make a new one myself. For the weft I am using an old flannel shirt Mike did not want anymore and gave to, poppana which is the bright pink, and the weft from a rag rug Mike had in his woodshop that had a giant hole in it which aI have deconstructed. All in all this rug is mostly recycled and upcycled materials.

(oh and PS-the two applique quilts I am working on are coming along well! Can't wait to share photos soon. <3)