Revolution = reinventing culture

Recently I've started a group that I call 'Ladies Skill Share'. I sent out an email to all of the ladies I know and it went something like this:

"I have been spending a great deal of my energy as of late thinking about our economic and environmental crises. I am interested in social activism and awareness not by means of assembly and protest but by education and self reliance. Recently a dear friend of mine and I were discussing the idea of starting a women's center in which women could come take classes or teach classes in craft or life arts. The center would also provide child care, parenting skill building and education on sustainability through food, consumption and environmental awareness.

Where to start, well right here in my own home by hosting a skill sharing night. At present I have no formal plan about how to go about this. My general idea is to have my women friends and their women friends come over and we can discuss what we want to learn, change, try,  exchange. What we have to offer each other. And then pass on what we learn. I myself am a weaver and a seamstress among other creative things that I do and so I am very interested in reviving slow design and craft by producing sustainably made textiles by hand. I believe sewing is best done in a community. And that is a skill I have to offer people who want to learn. Maybe you are an excellent cook or gardener or mother and you have things to discuss, teach or share?

My hope is that we can get together, talk about this stuff and do something. I believe that the solution to our economic crises is in self reliance, community and education. Maybe we can make some things better for each other. Revive the ways we use to rely on the earth to get our food or our own hands to make the goods we used for ourselves and our families. With education becoming the number one debt in America, why can't we educate each other--for free..."

And that is how it started. Some ladies came over, we sat around my living room and discussed change. Ellen is teaching how to make pickles, Thea lipbalm, me weaving. Small beginnings can equal big change. Today Tselanie shared this video--YES! YES! I exclaimed. And here it is:

Grace Lee Boggs' Message to Occupy Wall Street Part 2 from American Revolutionary on Vimeo.

I think we need to heed Grace Lee Bogg's words.
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