New Year's Weave

Hello Everyone!

I have a kickstarter campaign in the works and I would like to tell you about it.

I began weaving over 10 years ago while pursuing my degree in Fiber and Material Studies at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. As I continue to develop as a weaver, my focus is to create hand woven utilitarian textiles for the home and body. This year I am excited to introduce some new elements in my work. By blending the Japanese dyeing techniques, Kasuri and Zanshi with classic Scottish Tweed and Tartan weaving patterns, I'll be creating an original collection of textiles that combine both tradition and innovation. There are many intricate steps in the dyeing process and will require the proper facilities and tools in order to be made. The threads of the fabric are resisted in areas and dyed in other areas to create interesting, colorful patterns when woven. I will be using the dye and weaving facilities at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina to create this new work and I need your help. In order to make this collection happen, I need to raise $3,538 to cover the cost of studio fees, equipment rental and materials. As a token of my thanks for your generous support you will receive a special woven gift hand-crafted by me in my Chicago studio. Your help is greatly appreciated!
Below are a few images of the gift items you can receive for your generous donation.

Donate Here and THANKS!

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