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I have a very amazing Cannon EOS 10D Digital SLR camera that I bought a few years ago from a friend for an obscenely low amount of money. The truth is, and I embarrassingly admit this, I barely know how to use it. So I bought a book and have been teaching myself how to operate it. There are so many different magical knobs and settings that I am sure can make amazing things happen, I just have to learn how to manipulate them. One of my problems is I have bad eyes, even with my glasses I can never seem to focus a camera. So I have to take a million shots just to get one in focus. This morning my studio was delightfully messy and I played around a bit with the camera taking some shots of the mess and clutter trying different things that I am learning from the book.

 These are still not there. The color and white balance is off. I couldn't get the right setting but I am going to keep practicing. But hey, the focus is pretty good!

A little loom waste.

This photo came out pretty good.

 But first it came out looking like this:

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