Notes from here.

New Years Weave is fully funded! Hooray! I'd like to extend my gratitude to those out there that have backed my project, spread the word and offered encouragement. It was delightfully unexpected to experience such kindness and support from total strangers, acquaintances and dear friends. I am humbled by the generosity of so many. THANK YOU!

Presently, I have piles of weaving to do before I leave for Penland. I couldn't be happier, though I admit I am slightly overwhelmed. The rundown; 12 scarves, 1 set of napkins, 6 belts, 26 sets of coasters, 10 handwritten thank you cards with drawings to be completed before March 10th. So far I have 2 scarves complete and about 4 sets of coasters.  Perfect way to organize a production schedule and test it out!  --And the lessons I have learned for next time are; always factor in shipping costs and material costs. (oops.)

In other news, our sweet cat Jackson has again been in the hospital for days and days. Hospitalization is quite common for our chronically ill feline. This time there was concern that he had a tumor in his colon. Today I took him to a radiologist at the emergency veterinarian clinic for further tests. To my utter joy and relief Jack is tumor free! Thank you care credit for making today's vet visit possible! For now, Jack is out of danger and we reeeeeally hope he stays that way.

Jack and his shaved belly

 I am a pro at administering a kitty IV now.

Jack and our dog Penny are very close companions. I think Penny could sense how sick Jack was. Here they are napping together on a chair in our living room.

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