Oxford and Alabama

I learned about Oxford Clothes yesterday. The last manufacturer of men's suits in the U.S.A that still tailors by hand, and located here in Chicago. I always thought men's suits had to be made by hand. I have tried my hand at tailoring a man's suit before, and it is extremely process oriented and a bit out of my skill set. When I heard about Oxford I was happy to hear that my city was the home of a company still making garments by hand using timeless traditions. Brings to mind the work Alabama Chanin is doing for women's (couture) day wear.

In 210 to celebrate ten years of designer Natalie Chanin's groundbreaking couture project Alabama Chanin—a micro-enterprise that uses organic and recycled materials (and local talent) to produce limited-edition, hand-stitched creations—cinematographer Wyatt Troll traveled to the foothills of the Appalachians to capture her universe on film. (Also great song choice, The Liars Feat. Devendra Banhart.)
Herron ClothierComment