Weary bones.

This week I have gotten about 5 minutes of weaving done which is the least problematic of all the things I am about to say.

Our cat is in the hospital (again) which has us feeling sad and considering his future. A dear friend found out her father is in a coma and among a host of health problems is in critical condition. She is an ocean away and we are sending as much love as we have in our hearts. Another dear friend's grandma died and her partner found out his dad has a tumor in his brain. We worry more, our hearts grow more sad. Then my friend got into a car accident and totaled her car. Luckily and thankfully, she is completely alright-not a scratch or a bruise. To top it all off, the dog started vomiting in the wee dark hours this morning.

Mike and I have not slept well at all this week. We both have weary bones. Our dear ones are in our hearts and thoughts and all we want is this madness to heal to the most positive outcome.

<3 <3
Herron ClothierComment