Hi friends. I haven't much to show off yet as far as weaving/dye work. But I do have other things to report.
Got some yarn from Mountain Farm in Burnsville, NC that was made from the fur of the photographed animals below. Plan to be dying some of it and using it for some weaving later in the studio.

Lets see, part of how I am able to be here at Penland for two months is that I received a general work study scholarship. This means I wash dirty pots and pans in the kitchen about 17-20 hours a week in exchange for my room and board. It's a sweet deal really, however the work is kicking my butt. Friday when I arrived I was hit with a migraine that lasted for three days which kind of wiped me out and made me sad. Finally it went away which made me happy. Sleeping here is an adjustment as well. I sleep in a room full of other women, all various ages and schedules. I've been sleeping with ear plugs in. I hope by the end of this week I will be fully adjusted to my new work and sleep schedule. In the studio, things are going amazing! I am studying under Beth Ross Johnson, an amazing weaver who specializes in Japanese Kasuri and other weaving/dye techniques. So far she has already shown me a production technique that cuts in half the amount of time it takes to warp and wind on to the loom For those of you who know a bit about weaving, there is no combing the warp! It is a bit awkward and tricky to get at first but once you do it is glorious!

A little sampler project I am working on. Napkins! Just to get started, a set of 24 in Bright coral, navy blue and slate grey.

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