Spring greetings from Penland School of Crafts

In the dye studio today dyeing some wool I bought from Mountain Farm down the road from Penland. It wont be this natural color for long!

That's me dyeing my hand-spun wool to be used in a tartan inspired blanket I am about to begin warping.

I did a sample project to get started, 20 table napkins! Everyone in my class had an opinion about the orange.

Today is my 32nd birthday! Last night my friend Katy Baum gathered our fellow residents for a surprise party. They Lured me with cheese! The blacksmith girls made me an iron card, which I promise to post a photo of, you can kind of see it there on the table. It's inscribed!

Then we did a human pyramid! My camera battery died right before I made it to the top so this is the best photo that exists.

Currently I am beginning to work on my "tartan" blanket (as soon as my yarn is dyed.) Then next a quick Kasuri sampler with some navy blue dye and then onto my real Kasuri (resist dyeing, like ikat) project. Then after that I plan to work on a Sakiori blanket. Sakiori is a Japanese style of rag weaving using silk. More photos soon! <3 <3
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