Tartan Blanket with hand dyed pink yarn

Notes from Penland:

Weaving a tartan throw blanket with my hand dyed pink yarn! (it'll be for sale y'all!) Some of this yarn was hand spun.

That is not a white striping, its actually a very light heather grey.

Here is the yarn I dyed pink. It is so much more saturated and intense than these photos show.

This is the Scottish technique for warping, looks complicated right? Well at first it was but then I got the hang of it and it's so much faster than traditional warping. No combing at all!!

My time here is very fragmented. I wish I had all day everyday to be in the studio but unfortunately that is not the case. My days are broken up by scraping greasy, food encrusted pots-n-pans and washing them in their slime away in the hot kitchen. It is by far one of the grossest jobs I have ever had and I don't enjoy any of it. I get a chunk of studio in the morning and in the afternoon and do most of my work late at night when class is over, my work-study duties are over and I'm fighting off sleep. I have learned a lot in just two weeks from my teacher Beth Johnson including this production warping technique that Scottish developed.  I am eager to find time to make more blankets and make samples for Kasuri dyed scarves! I am exhausted by the end of each day, having some trouble sleeping in a dorm full of women, one of which snores every night. Week three is sure to be better all around. I hope.