A Shawl I wove for Risa as a wedding gift. In this photo it has just been laundered and is hanging to dry which is why it is still wrinkled. I decided to forgo fringe on the ends and feel that was a mistake. I like the fringed finish much better for a shawl than a finished edge. I wove it out of 100% tencel which was very tricky to weave with because my warp threads kept breaking.

Newest design. This is what it looks like before it is woven into cloth.

Then it looks like this

And, taaadaaa! It's done!

My weave plan/messy notes.
Weaving is visual math. Weave drafts are loom music. Like a song whose notes are waiting to be arranged, the threads of an unwoven cloth wait to become a pattern.  


Some hand dyed, hand woven, hand sewn coasters I made for kickstarter gifts. I am so behind on my kickstarter gifts I feel like the entire thing is swallowing me up whole.

 I also started learning basket weaving, which I am extremely excited about. Here is my first basket!