Mike and I went to Maine. Here are some photos of the trip!

Sunset in Maine!

We took a nap on the beach and woke up to a Heron having dinner!

Mike D.

Queen Anne

Me by the sea side.

Alexis made delicious cake to share!

We visited our buddies Will and Kathleen Pratt who are opening a coffee Roaster in Portland, ME Tandem Coffee Roaster--the BEST coffee I have ever had in my life!

Will P. and Mike D., childhood friends.

Princess Buttercup, the biggest little kitty on Peaks Isle.

Mike and Kathleen's favorite building in downtown Portland, ME.

We stayed in a "tree house" on Peaks Island one night. I couldn't get a good shot of the place so I lifted this photo from the website we found it on. Thief! It was pretty dreamy!
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